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Plans & Info » Frequently Asked Questions » What are the power requirements for your machines?
What are the power requirements for your machines?
All of our NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 electronics are dual voltage, and can be set to run on either 100V-120V or 200V-240V AC single phase power by configuring the voltage-range selection switch on the main power supplies. All systems are compatible with either 50 Hz or 60 Hz power.

Our NEMA 23 systems draw approximately 6A at 120V AC, or 3A at 240V AC.
Our NEMA 34 systems draw approximately 12A at 120V AC, or 6A at 240V AC.

Our 3 HP Plug and Play Spindle package requires 200-240V AC, and draws approximately 8A at peak load. 50 or 60 HZ are both fine, and the spindle can run off of a single phase of 208V AC 3-phase power.

In general, systems utilizing a router as the cutting tool can typically run off of a single 120V 20A AC circuit, or (2) 120V 15A AC circuits, with the router being separated from the controller circuit. NEMA 23 systems with a 2.25 HP or smaller router can typically run off of a single 15A circuit without issue.

Systems utilizing a spindle typically require a single 120V 15A circuit for the CNC control system and a single 240V 30A circuit for the spindle. Alternatively, both the control system and the spindle can run off of a single 240V 30A AC circuit if the power supplies in the controller are switched to the 200-240V range. Our spindles come pre-wired with an L6-30P plug, which mates with an L6-30R receptacle. This can be field retrofitted to a different 240V AC plug if necessary - please consult a qualified electrician for assistance with any changes to the stock power cable.