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Plans & Info » Instructions & Configuration » Archived Instructions » Standard CNC Machine Plans (previous revision)
Standard CNC Machine Plans (previous revision)
Standard CNC Machine Plans (previous revision)

CNC Router Parts is pleased to present machine plans for our popular line of affordable, large-format Standard CNC Machine Kits.

The plans shown below feature mechanical components to interface with NEMA 23 motors. For a NEMA 34 system, the Rack and Pinion drives, Z-axis motor mount plate and Z-axis shaft coupler change, but all other aspects of the design remain the same.

Our latest plans (revision are now available in easm format, pdf, and native Solidworks. These plans feature our new drop-in fastener system for easier assembly -- no more fighting with carriage bolts or frustration when things are built out of order. For those not familiar, easm is a free 3D format that allows you to rotate, zoom, and take measurements off of the plans. To view the easm files, just download the free edrawings viewer. Download and enjoy!

2' x 4' Standard CNC
4' x 4' Standard CNC
4' x 8' Standard CNC
Machine Plans Bundle
(zip Bundle of PDFs/EASMs)
CRP2448-00.zip CRP4848-2012Q2.zip CRP4896-2012Q2.zip
Overall Machine Assembly (PDF) CRP2448-00-01.PDF CRP4848-00-01.PDF CRP4896-00-01.PDF
Base Assembly (PDF) CRP110-00-2448.PDF CRP110-00-4848.PDF CRP110-00-4896.PDF
Gantry Riser Assembly (PDF) CRP120-00-30.PDF CRP120-00.PDF CRP120-00.PDF
Gantry Assembly (PDF) CRP130-00-24.PDF CRP130-00-48.PDF CRP130-00-48.PDF
Z Axis Assembly (PDF) CRP140-00.PDF CRP140-00.PDF CRP140-00.PDF
Solidworks Machine Plans
(zip Solidworks bundle)
CRP2448-SW.zip CRP4848-00sw.zip CRP4896-00sw.zip
For custom sized Standard Series CNC machines, simply choose the instructions for the closest-sized machine above.

For additional help, see our Tips and Tricks for Standard CNC Machine Construction.