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Plans & Info » Instructions & Configuration » Archived Instructions » Router Mount Assembly (previous revision)
Router Mount Assembly (previous revision)
Router Mount Assembly (previous revision)
Our router and spindle mounts make connecting and adjusting the cutting tool on your router quick and easy. Just follow these instructions for assembling your mount, installing your router or spindle, and connecting it to your machine z axis.

You will receive the following parts in your kit: Router or spindle mount clamp, base adapter plate, screws for connecting these two parts together, clamping screws (already installed in the clamp), t-nuts and socket head cap screws for connecting the mount to your z-axis.

Start by connecting the router mount clamp to the base adapter with the 4 supplied screws:

The install the larger socket head screws through the base adapter and into the t-nuts.

Connect these t-nuts to the extrusion for your z-axis. The holes in the base adapter are slotted to accommodate both 15 series inch and 40mm series extrusion. Align the dowel pins from the base adapter with the side of the extrusion before tightening the mounting screws to square the mount to your z axis. Shimming between the dowels and the extrusion can be done later to tram your router or spindle.

All that remains is to install your router in the mount. While it is rarely necessary, you can use the central tapped hole with a 5/16-18 bolt to open the mount slightly to make installing your router easier.

Now just remove the 5/16 bolt (if used) and tighten the clamp screws, and your router is ready for CNC!