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PRO CNC » PRO CNC Machine Kits » PRO4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit
PRO4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit
PRO4824 4' x 2' CNC Router Kit
The PRO4824 CNC machine kit features a space-saving design for those with a smaller shop that allows it to double as a workbench when not in use (just park the gantry against the wall).

The PRO4824 also features our V-Con linear motion system, PRO Rack and Pinion drives on the X and Y axes, and Ballscrew Z Axis, offering higher speeds, easier assembly, and greater stiffness and spindle capacity than our standard CRP2448 machine.

It is designed to easily expand to a larger machine in the future simply by adding more framework, gear rack and V-Con components.

CNC Router Parts PRO4824

  • Work Area: X: 25.5", Y: 51.5", Z: 8" or 12"[1]
  • Footprint: 62" (1575mm) x 39.5" (1000mm)
  • NEMA 23 version: Rapids up to 750 IPM+, cutting feedrates 250 IPM+*
  • NEMA 34 version: Rapids up to 1200 IPM+, cutting feedrates 500 IPM+*
  • Repeatability to +/-0.001" or better, accuracy to +/-0.005" or better
*Using CNC Router Parts Electronics

What's included
This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the mechanical portion of a 4' x 2' PRO CNC machine:
  • Aluminum extrusion, cut to length and tapped for easy assembly
  • Cold rolled steel rails[2] for X, Y and Z
  • V-Con Linear motion components
  • PRO X & Y bumper kits
  • PRO rack and pinion drives and PRO gear rack
  • Ballscrew z axis
  • All required fasteners
In addition, PRO CNC kits are broken down and packed by sub-assembly, helping to make your build straightforward and organized:
  • Machine Base, 4' x 2' (CRP410-00-4824)
  • Machine Risers (CRP420-00)
  • Machine Gantry, 4' (CRP430-00-48)
  • Z-axis, 8" (CRP440-00)

Product Notes
  1. We provide separate options for Z-Axis Travel and Gantry Height. Increasing the gantry height will negatively impact machine stiffness. If you plan to cut mostly sheet goods or harder materials, we do not recommend increasing the gantry height. If you require increased Z-Axis Travel, this can be accomplished without raising the gantry with our 12" Ballscrew Z-axis and standard 8" Gantry Height by recessing your work-piece in the table, or off the front of your machine (select the 12" / 8" option below for this configuration).
  2. The cold rolled steel rails that we provide in this kit have been case hardened to a Rockwell HRC 50+ rating through a heat-treating process. While this is not strictly necessary for normal machine operation, it helps to prevent superficial wear marks and can result in longer-lasting rails under heavy use conditions.
Recommended Accessories
With these accessories, a router or spindle, and a computer to run the CNC control software, you will have everything you need to assemble your machine and get cutting!

If you have any questions about your machine or specific application, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be more than happy to discuss the options for your ideal solution!

Configuration and Options:
Z-Axis Travel / Gantry Height:
This product was added to our catalog on June 6, 2013.

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