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Plans & Info » Machine Plans & Assembly » Parts List for ACME Axis
Parts List for ACME Axis
Parts List for ACME Axis
The diagram below is an exploded view of the various components that go into an ACME screw-driven axis built with CNC Router Parts components. We have listed vendors and part numbers for components from other online vendors, along with the parts you can buy from our store. With this setup, you can get a complete, fully-supported axis that has been proven to work in dozens of machines.

Exploded View

Note: the drawing above shows only the elements for the combined thrust/radial bearing, which should be mounted near the motor end of the extrusion. You will need one more fixed radial bearing (or low profile bearing) for your axis, which is noted in the parts list below.

1.  Shaft Coupler.  MSC 87856480 Qty 1. Required if using part 6, below.
2.  1/2" ACME Screw -- any pitch.  McMaster Carr. 98940A901, 98940A629, 98940A623, 98940A627. Qty 1
3-4.  1/2" Needle Thrust Bearing and Washers. Now available from CNC Router Parts. Online Store Qty 2 sets
5.  CNCRouterParts Bearing Block, complete with radial bearing.  Online Store Qty 2
6.  1/2" Drill Rod (optional, but helpful to maximize useable screw length).  You cut to length.  MSC 06010326  Enco 409-0029 Qty 1
7.  CNCRouterParts Zero Backlash Helical Coupler. Online Store. Qty 1
8.  CNCRouterParts ACME anti-backlash nut.  Make sure to match pitch with screw pitch.  Online Store Qty 1
9. 1/2" Shaft Collar. Now available from CNC Router Parts Online Store Qty 1, or 2 if coupler and drill rod are not used
10. CNCRouterParts NEMA 23 motor mount. Online Store Qty 1
11. 8020 1530 series aluminum extrusion.  See 8020 to order.