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Plans & Info » Frequently Asked Questions » How much will it cost to ship a 4848 or 4896 machine kit to Aust
How much will it cost to ship a 4848 or 4896 machine kit to Aust
We get asked this a lot, and we are happy to serve international customers! However, UPS shipping rates outside of North America are extremely high. The 4' x 4' kit weighs 200-300 lbs, and the 4' x 8' machine kit weighs between 300-400 lbs depending on options. Due to the length and weight of these kits, it is really only feasible to ship complete kits via ocean freight outside of the US and Canada. This is possible, and we are happy to set it up, but it typically costs around $1000-$1500 before duties and taxes, and delivery will take 6-8 weeks.

Using Local Materials
Many customers consider purchasing extrusion, cold rolled steel and gear rack locally to save shipping costs, as these are the bulkiest items in the kit. This is definitely an option, but there are a few considerations. Our rack and pinion drives work just fine with 40mm series extrusion, and our carriages run fine on 6mm thick steel, both of which are typically available locally. However, a few components are designed to work specifically with imperial extrusion, and currently don't have enough adjustment to work with 40mm equivalent extrusion. These are mostly on the z axis, so we recommend buying this as a complete unit including the proper steel and extrusion (contact us for quote -- runs around $260 US).

In order to work well with 40mm extrusion, the best bar to use for the X axis is cold rolled 6mm x 65mm steel (very close to our 2.5" steel). This same material can be used for the Y-axis as well, although our gantry rail clamps currently will not work with this material, (update coming soon). In Australia, Atlas Steel carries cold rolled steel in these sizes.

Lastly, customers wishing to use local materials will need to consider gear rack for their machine. While module 1.5 gear rack is available from TEA transmissions, 20 pitch rack is also available direct from CNC Router Parts, in splice-able sections that can ship via USPS -- these are usually less expensive, even with shipping costs, than TEA rack. Contact us for a quote.