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Electronics » NEMA 23 CNC Electronics » 3-Drive DIY NEMA 23 Electronics Kit
3-Drive DIY NEMA 23 Electronics Kit
3-Drive DIY NEMA 23 Electronics Kit

This kit includes everything you need for smooth, powerful CNC motion control of your 3-axis machine!

This bundle features a set of components designed and tested to work together for great basic machine performance.

3-Axis Digital DIY NEMA 23 Electronics Kit

What's included:
  • Leadshine MX3660 3-Axis Digital Stepper Motor Driver
    • The MX3660 is our preferred stepper motor driver solution for 3-Axis DIY NEMA 23 CNC electronics.
    • Offers the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for high precision, excellent torque, extra low noise, very low motor heating, and smooth motor movement.
    • Pin to pin compatible with older analog multi-axis drives (like the Gecko G540).
  • 3 High-torque / low inductance NEMA 23 stepper motors
    • Our 420 oz-in motors with 3/8" shafts come standard with this kit; our 380 oz-in motors with 1/4" shafts are also available (choose Motor Shaft Diameter below).
    • Both motors are specifically optimized for CNC operation - don't get caught up in the stall torque game, your motors don't run at stall!
  • High flex / high current CNC motor cables
    • Available in various length configurations to fit your machine (choose Cable Configuration below).
    • Need longer cables? Our cables are designed to plug together, just order additional cables as needed to get the length you need for your larger format machine.
  • 48V 7.3A Switching Power Supply
    • Provides all the current needed for a 3-motor system

Optional Ethernet SmoothStepper Kit:
The Ethernet SmoothStepper is our preferred solution for the ideal CNC controller experience, and we strongly recommend including it with this CNC electronics kit.

In addition to enabling the use of Mach3 with any modern PC/laptop that lacks a parallel port or runs a current 64-bit version of Windows, the Ethernet SmoothStepper provides a more reliable and robust communication path between your PC and CNC electronics.

It solves or greatly reduces most potential Windows-related communication issues by providing a dedicated real-time DSP (digital signal processor) to handle the precise timing of step and direction signals, and supports up to (3) 25 pin ports worth of IO (simulating 3 parallel ports).

The Optional Ethernet SmoothStepper Kit includes:
  • Ethernet Smoothstepper
  • Ethernet Panel Mount Extension
  • Male DB25 to Female LPH26 Ribbon Cable
  • 5V/4A 12V/1A Dual Switching Power Supply

4-Axis Digital DIY NEMA 23 Electronics - Optional Ethernet SmoothStepper Kit


Instructions & Configuration:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about hooking things up. We're always happy to help!

Configuration and Options:
Cable configuration:
Ethernet SmoothStepper Upgrade:
Motor Shaft Diameter:
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This product was added to our catalog on February 7, 2010.

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